Tuesday, December 13, 2011

It's official!

I suck at blogging! Yah go me!

Nah, honestly I'm always amazed of people who manage to well manage a bazillion blogs,websites and ohgoat Facebook! But to be honest my main issue is that well, I'm weird? and most of the people I tend to share my thoughts with tend to be set on a narrow path of things that share interests, blogging is supposed to be on a topic but for me it's like there's so many different aspects of things that I'm interested in that it just leaves no energy left to try and write it all up for a audience that I'm sure isn't paying attention anyway.

I'm torn between Blogspot and the Wordpress I made to try and make some sense of things. On one hand I really like the posts here and on the other Wordpress probably is better then Blogger.. humm..

I think maybe, if I'm going to really make a go of this i need a scheduled and sorry but that will mean I'll just be writing whatever shit I'm thinking about on that day.

Though I promise no more Dolphin Rants :P

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