Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bits all over the place..

So it's been a bit of a all over the place kind of day.

Managed to get one post completed in between buying a ton of Oxfam unwrapped gifts and organizing finances, wrote Fifi who is a French character and I think one of the more extreme ones. She tends to live on the fine line between downright unpleasant and pitiful and is one of my rare 1% characters who are rich and live on the upper crust.

Speaking of which, worked on a WWBish Jumper design for my best mate today. and ended up making this as a aside,

tempted to replace ads with it because it makes me lol. Strong statements, yeah that's what i'm about.I want to get it on a hoodie, but at the same time I'm worried the printing place will reject the design thinking it's too controversial hehehe.

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