Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The world is fucked so let the dolphins take over..

The world is fucked..

I'm starting to wonder if that's not a all too untrue assessment of the state of affairs at the moment?

Abet I'm still rather under the effect of a documentary I just finished watching called The Cove. I remember it being recommended a while back by Thom York on Dead Air Space I think? It's funny how they tend to put up good recommendations but this one looked kind of vague and never did explain quite what it was. Anyway turns out to be a documentary following a sting operation buy a bunch of environmentalists trying to expose the mass slaughter of dolphins in japan. I still feel kind of sick by it but mostly I feel annoyed that so much of the marketing pussyfoots around what it was really about until you get a few minutes in and realise the real scale of the story. Had it not been for iView and there not being anything on I'd have skipped it as just a run of the mill dolphin doco.

Youknow when I was a kid things seemed pretty messed up? We had nuclear tests in the pacific, the rainbow warrior, Jabaluka, McLiabal, Famine in Africa, the Middle East conflict and not to mention the cries to save everything from the whales to the koala. We where told our shoes where made in sweatshops, our food was going to be full of GM crops and pesticides and everything we knew was going to be destroyed by global warming come 2050 anyway. Not to mention aids, disease, war and all the rest of it.

Now well there's nothing to worry about but supposed underground nuclear tests in North Korea, the sea Shepard, coal-steam gas drilling, the continuing rise of the Mc'Generation of fast food on every street, Famine in Africa, The New-Middle East conflict, saving the whales the over-population of Koalas. My shoes are from a defunct anti-sweatshop brand, our food is almost all bought up by the monopoly of 2 major supermarket chains that crush all in their path and global warming? Ha! Now we have snake oil salesmen of the new generation trying to push that it's crap right when watered down agreements could actually lead to some real progress.

Instead the opposition ramps up self interest. Promising no jobs will be lost when it was his government that privatised and stripped away all the jobs in the first place. You have to wonder about the so called apathy our generation is supposed to have? I'm wondering how amazing it is that anyone still has hope and faith that things will get better. I've seen politicians turn with blind eyes to the smoke stacks on the horizon and sign deals they know are worth nothing. Campaigned to save a forest that was a year later burnt down by arson and mis-management in bushfires that where a 'suprise'.. funny because I wasn't surprised. Then again I'd been to the presentation the year before on the future of Australia under Climate Change.. sponsored by a coal fire power plant. I've seen the CEO state that they believe in Climate Change and yet promise nanotechnology and unproven tech as the solution.

It seems everyone is looking to some Utopian future.. or looking with no vision of the future at all.

We have leaders who are ruled by soundbites, politicians who exist outside the scope of reality and a media who've turned into nothing more then regurgitation of spin and he-said-she-said.

I'm tired of seeing ads that tell us about the wonderful clean, green amazing future we have to look forward to if only we bought x car or used x laundry detergent. I watch them and wonder 'how' we're ever going to get to this bright future if it feels more like we're slipping backwards then anything. I think of the next generation who will never get to watch a live space shuttle launch or admire the work of scientists on beyond tomorrow dreaming up great ideas for the future. Sometimes I wonder if the stats aren't a joke that global warming is set to seriously impact lives by 2050.. the same time that the fisheries are set to collapse from over fishing and the world oil supply is to peak and start to run out.

It's hard to imagine, but then again I imagined as a kid that the power stations around town would be solar by now. That every roof would at least have a few panels. Frankly I'd rather see a solar panel on every roof then a new era of super quantum computers or robots. Fuck robots, give me humans in charge who have vision and aren't about to get knocked out by the coal lobby or climate deniers. I could live without a star ladder if there was some hint of hope that humanity would be worth the effort, because right now I can't help but hope that humans get snowballed and the dolphin's get to take over the earth.. or well.. what's left of them after we've murdered, tortured and poisoned them to near extinction.

See I knew i had a point in there somewhere..

Promise I'll be back to my usual cheery self tomorrow.

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