Tuesday, September 6, 2011

..Cause sometimes you just need to say fuck..

So I've been tossing around the idea of a blog for a number of years now, to me it's always felt something that I've never really had enough that i wished to share with the general world at large. Much as I fail at it I tend to prefer to leave my real life in the background and focus more on the broader picture, it's why I prefer to work in realms of fantasy because it's easier to write about what you care about and are passionate about without so much fears of being indignant or waffling on like a twit.

..not that I eh, think that I -don't waffle, unfortunately one horrible downside I've found from writing as a hobby is that waffle comes naturally. Before you know it you've got paragraphs beyond paragraphs of just... stuff but cutting it down just becomes too much effort so you go bugger it and hit post.

..or at least that's what I do.. humph.

I've never been one for editing, it's probably been one of my great failings but I prefer to keep things honest and plain then going though the endless process of re-examining and critical thinking.

So I guess a bit of history and point to this blog in terms of what you can expect of it?

Well at this point of life I'm working to build a play by post roleplay site after a long period of feeling disenchanted and let down by the genre. Sometime I wonder if the process of collaborative writing brings out the worst in people but I do try to remain optimistic (which is greatly helped by my co-admin who saved me from giving up all together!). Growing up writing and storytelling was a really important part of my childhood, fantasy in particular as my Mum used to weave tales of a magic land where we'd fly to on our beds in order to experience amazing adventures. I remember the cat people fondly and always looked forward to visiting my Uncle who wrote Fanzines (and still does), short stories and fantasy pieces in addition to a (currently unpublished) novel he is now writing the sequel to.

I tend to think that my strength lies more in thinking and 'vision' rather then writing. I prefer world building and collabrative work because quite frankly without it I'd never get anything done or finished. As a kid growing up I wanted to be everything from a singer to a model (HA!) to a computer programmer (yes I even told my teacher those exact words in grade 4). I'd never make it as a musician but have grown up around computers for as long as I remember. Deluxe Paint III was my favourite program as a child and today I still find much of my time spent creating digital art, reading and writing against playing games or well.. Facebook.. in fact I've all but given up on my Facebook account.

Most of the folks who know me both in real life and since I joined the online world know that I'm passionate about a whole lot of stuff. So in some respects this is a blog where what would otherwise go unpublished for fear of offending people, causing a argument or getting the attention of folks who I'd rather not have anything to deal with goes. I'm all about being constructive and seeing what can be done, sometimes toes need to be stepped on or a voice needs to speak up and more often then not it's felt like arguing against the wind. But that's alright, because it's life and in the end the truth is the truth and sometimes, just sometimes you need to tell it warts and all.

Sometimes you need to be safe to say fuck ;)

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